The Tarn

Close to the river above Newhouses lies a natural 4.6 acre hill tarn. Such waters are rare in this limestone country. The Association owns the Tarn and we stock it throughout the fishing season with brown & rainbow trout between 2-4lb, although there are specimens up to 10lb caught throughout the season.
The water is spring fed and there is no surface feed so no suitable spawning beck for the fish, hence the need for regular stocking The fish are not artificially fed and soon naturalise becoming feisty and free rising.
This is a popular fishery for our small membership where the wild scenery combined with first class closed water angling makes for memorable days.
Because this is a spring fed water its quality is normally first rate and we maintain this quality by using only natural solutions to occasional weed and algae problems. Indeed, we have an active conservation policy here as on the river, especially because the Tarn is host to one of the last remaining native white clawed crayfish populations in the north of England.