Rules & Constitution

  1.  All members to hold a current E.A licence.
  2.  All members to observe all regulations of the E.A.
  3.  Members must not cause damage by depositing litter, all litter should be taken home.  No camp fires (other than recognised camping stoves.) Members are also expected to prevent such behaviour of others.
  4.  Members must carry their membership cards at all times when fishing.
  5.  Keepnets must be minimum of six foot long, 18 inch rings, are made of knotless material.  No keepnets to be used on Stargate or Tilcon pond during close season. Keepnets are only allowed during matches on close season.  Coarse fish close season – 15 March to 15 June inclusive. The coarse fish close season applies to all rivers, streams and drains in England & Wales, but does not apply to most still waters.  There are, however, some exceptions that retain the close season – the Broads and some private clubs.
  6. Members must ensure the well being of their catch at all times.
  7.  All fish are to be returned alive at the end of each session.
  8.  No fish to be removed or introduced without permission of the committee.
  9.  Baited rods must not be left unattended at all times.
  10. All persons fishing for carp must abide by the following rules and be in possession of the following equipment;a)  An appropriate size hooking mat.
  11. b)  A landing net not less than 36 inches.
  12. c)  No fixed bolt rigs to be used.
  13. d)  All lines not to be less than 10lb breaking strain.
  14. e)  No nuts of any description to be used.
  15. f)  No freshwater clams to be used.
  16. g)  Carp klinic to be carried at all times and used for carp.
  17. h)  Maximum 3 kilo of groundbait or loosefeed over a 24 hour period.
  18. i)  Leadcore is banned from both lakes.
  19. Carp must not be retainin keepnets; appropriate carpsacks are acceptable for short periods.
  20. Persons fishing for carp may use up to 3 rods when there are no more than 4 anglers on the lake at any one time and are in possession of 2 rod licences.  3 rods may be used during the night with no limit on persons fishing on the lake. Common sense to be used so as not to encroach on other anglers.
  21. All members may use up to 2 rods on alarms, to fish for large breed fish (pike, carp, chub, bream, tench, etc.)
  22. All members who wish to fish for carp must also comply with rule 10.
  23. Boilies can be used on both lakes.
  24. Night fishing permitted after payment of the appropriate night fishing subscription and only available after 1 year’s membership has been achieved.  Member’s cards will be marked to show this fee has been paid.
  25. Hooks must be barbless or micro-barbed.
  26. No livebaits or freshwater deadbaits (including freshwater molluscs) to be used at any time.  Only Sea deadbaits allowed ie: Mackerel, Lampray, etc.
  27. No fishing from watercraft.
  28. Fishing is prohibited on the pond referred to as the Back Pond.
  29. No removal of weed or vegetation unless under the guidance of the committee.
  30. Juniors under the age of twelve are to be accompanied by an adult when fishing Day or Night.
  31. A member shall produce their membership cards when requested by another member showing their own membership cards.  Members are also requested to show their membership cards to council wardens (showing I.D) and police.
  32. All members must have a responsible attitude towards members of the public visiting Stargate ponds.
  33. Membership is open to anyone within and outside the G.M.B.C. area.  Unless co-opted, all committee members must reside in the G.M.B.C. area.
  34.  Re-election of the members of the management committee will be raised every third anniversary at the A.G.M. with effect from 1st March 1997.
  35. Any decision taken by the committee can be overruled at a subsequent general meeting, if there is a 2/3 majority.
  36. The Committee of R.A.D.A.C. may not serve on any other fishing club simultaneously.
  37. There will be no pre-baiting on either pond.  Bait only to be introduced at time of fishing. Maximum 3 kilo of groundbait or loosefeed per 24hr session.
  38. During periods of hot weather, fish are not to be kept in keepnets between 11am – 5pm.
  39. Members are forbidden from casting directly into weedbeds, this will seriously damage fish if caught and dragged through the weed.
  40. Members are allowed to have 1 guest per year to fish either Tilcon or Stagate ponds, however, the committee must be informed before fishing.  Also guest must be in possession of a valid rod licence and be accompanied by a club member.
  41. Members are not permitted to use Stargate pond car park, if they are not in possession of a key for the gate.
  42. No tins allowed at bankside (i.e. sweetcorn, hemp, meat).  Empty tins in a suitable container before fishing.
  43. Any members wishing to fish for pike must use a wire trace not less than 12″ long, all trebles for dead baits should be barbless except those holding the bait.  (Pike gags are banned). Pike season is from 1st October to 31st March.
  44. Fishing and parking is at the members own risk.  All vehicles must be parked sensibly and in designated parking areas.  Do not park on the road or the grass verge adjacent to Tilcon pond.
  45. Do not defecate on the banksides or surrounding areas.  Use a trowel or shovel and bury it.
  46. Litter and discarded line will not be tolerated.  Your swim must be clear of litter, cigarette butts and nylon at all times, even if it was there when you arrived.
  47. Birds, their nest and eggs and any other wildlife must not be interfered with or disturbed in any way.
  48. Fishing is prohibited in the small bay and stream adjacent to the dam in the South East corner of Stargate pond.
  49. No bloodworm or joker to be used at anytime.
  50. Any members that breach or bend any of the above rules and regulations will be subject to disciplinary action by the committee.  The committee reserve the right to withdraw the fishing rights of that member if deemed appropriate.
  51. Daytime fishing starts 1 hour before sunrise and ends 1 hour after sunset.
  52. Any member that does not understand any of the above rules please do not hesitate to ask a member of the committee.