29 August 2007

It's not a bad morning, a bit on the chill side, but we have plenty of sun and a fair bit of high fluffy cloud.  There is no discernible breeze so fishing conditions on the Tarn later should be perfect.

One of the papers in the bundle sent to me for last nights RFC meeting summarised the EA's work schedule for the the Ribble and it is good to see that they are in detailed discussion with Hansons who run Horton quarry about the condition of Whit Beck.  Most members will know this feeder well, it's one of the few becks that enter from the west bank and run all year.  It gets its name from its visual appearance, since time forgotten it has run milky white with lime waste from the quarry.  In fact it's one of the only sites I know of where you can see well formed gour pools above ground.  These calcareous dams are a common feature underground where lime precipitates out of solution to form cascades and pools in flowing water but are rare on the surface.  It would seem that the EA have agreed with Hansons that they will undertake work to prevent lime waste entering the beck.  Once the source of pollution has been dealt with then the EA will work to restore the remainder of the beck to a condition where it becomes suitable for wild trout to spawn.  This will involve dredging out the deposited lime and laying gravel on the bed.

In some ways it will be a shame to lose this unique feature, but it will also be a tremendous bonus to gain a good quality spawning beck on a beat that is a favourite amongst members.  I will try to find out more on this.


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