25 August 2007

It's cooler and cloudier this morning, but is showing signs that it may clear to give us another warm, bright day.  Water levels have held up surprisingly well showing just how wet the high ground is in the river catchment.  There was still a good flow coming over Settle weir yesterday afternoon much to the delight of the large group of children who were swimming in the fish pass.  There was also a good fly hatch at New Inn judging by the feeding activity of the resident trout.  This long pool was peppered with rises at about 3.30 especially under the trees by the football field.  There is little sign of rain until after the bank holiday so river fishing will become increasingly difficult as the level drops.

Gavin P emailed me yesterday to report how well the Tarn is fishing.  Plenty of bites from fish as well as midges!

I've not been down to the hatchery for some days so may take a wander down for a look this evening just to see if I can spot any of our young fry.  With only 40 very small fish in such a very large pond it's a long shot, but who knows?


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