23 August 2007

This must be some sort of record.  Two decent days on the trot, in fact this morning is rather better than yesterday as the strong north wind has abated to a light breeze.  Water levels in the river have dropped a fair bit, but there should still be good trout fishing on most pools and deeper runs.

For the past few months I have been suffering a surfeit of cockerels.  One of my broody hens disappeared into the undergrowth and returned with 12 chicks, 4 of which grew into cock birds.  Three of these were like dad, multi coloured jobs with bright orange capes, bottle green flanks and black tail feathers.  The fourth had a higher percentage of black rock genes and was very dark, very large and very aggressive.  He has spent the past couple of months living in the small greenhouse to prevent him from killing the other cocks.  I am pleased to report that all is now much quieter at Newhouses this morning as Satan and two of his brothers went to market yesterday and are now probably part of a chicken tikka somewhere in Bradford.

It was a real eye opener to see the sheer range of birds up for auction, from tiny bantams through to massive light Sussex and some buff coloured jobs with fluffy feet that I didn't recognise, but make my hens look like midgets.  I was quite taken with the quail and might get some of these from a reputable breeder as their eggs are supposed to be a delicacy.  Still, the real priority is to replace my runner ducks which the fox took back in April.  The problem has been finding a supply as they seem to be pretty scarce here in Yorkshire.  If anyone finds some I need four ducks and a drake.


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