22 August 2007

It's a lovely bright sunny morning here at Horton with only a stiff north wind to take the edge of perfect summer conditions.  After what seems like weeks of grey sky the are virtually no clouds so tempting a wary wild brownie out of the river today will be a challenge of stealth and patience.

Gavin P emailed me yesterday to say that he pricked a large salmon down on the marker pool.  This, in his own words, “shot off towards the sea”.  Water levels are now rather low for good salmon fishing and likely to remain so until Saturday when a return to more inclement conditions are forecast.

Ray B brought a young guest up to fish the Tarn yesterday evening and I see from the ticket that he took two fish so presumably they had a successful time.  Fred B is also bringing a youngster up today and these introductions to fly fishing at an early age especially when effort is rewarded with a good catch are really important to the future of the art of angling and the conservation of our rivers and wild fish.

It's odd, but the number of guests this season is down on last year despite good water all summer compared to the drought we had last year. Still, we do seem to have converted more guests into full members this year so the long term benefit to the club is greater.


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