31 July 2007

Not for the first time am I very glad that I manage a game fishery in the hills of west Craven.  I read a report yesterday that course fishery managers in more populated areas are having a very difficult time with east European migrant workers who seem to regard any open water as a free larder.  Groups have been stopped with dustbins full of chub, carp and roach and fisheries are losing thousands of pounds in lost stock.  Here in Britain we have lost our taste for these fish whereas in the middle ages every village had its fishpond and course fish were an essential part of the staple diet.  The monks regarded fish as a vital part of the monastery economy and there were very stiff penalties for anyone caught poaching the fish.  Perhaps that's the solution to the current problem.  We need to set up public stocks in every Town and village and anyone caught poaching should be placed in them and pelted with rotten fish?

This run of fine weather continues, it's a little more cloudy this morning, but there is plenty of sun and very little breeze.  Of course the lack of rain since Thursday means that the river has dropped from its best, but there is still some good water for trout fishing on the main pools.

The prospective member that Alan M brought up on Sunday had a very successful day and landed eight fish working up to Rowe End.  He went away with a very favourable impression of the river and a commitment to join the club so a successful day.

I didn't manage to get down to the hatchery yesterday, but am going to do so as soon as I finish writing this.  I will take the rake down just in case there is sufficient water coming down the channel to provide a good enough flush to wash out the gravel.  If not it will have to wait until we next get rain.


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