30 July 2007

What a cracking morning!  Rather too bright for good fishing, but what a nice change it makes to have some sun at last.  The stiff north westerly that kept temperatures down yesterday has dropped and we have some high white and fluffy cloud to add a bit of interest to a sapphire blue sky.

I'm planning to go down to the hatchery this morning to rake through the spawning gravel to get rid of the silt that accumulated when the pipe was first opened.  This is is essential if the trout eggs that we hope will be laid here this winter are to thrive in an open, oxygen rich environment.  The only snag is stopping the silt from washing down into he pond where the fry are, but a slate across the inlet should prevent most of the material getting in.

Peter M rang me last evening to tell me that a 10lb salmon was caught (possibly at Rowe End) and released by a member on Friday.  He was actually fishing for trout with a small river rod, light tackle and a very small fly so was pretty stunned when the rod was almost yanked out of his hand by a strong take.  The fish was silver and in very good condition.  We thought that salmon were here at Horton and here is the proof.

A slight departure from the usual fishing theme now, but I know that some members are quite artistic and computer literate and I came across a software program quite by chance a few days ago which I thing could be very addictive.  Just the thing for those long winter evenings when the start of the season seems a lifetime away and you have tied all the flies you are likely to use for the rest of your life.

This program turns pure mathematical equations into stunning graphics only restricted by the limits of your imagination.  It's called Apophysis, is very simple to use and runs what are known as flame fractals.  The software can be found here Apophysis and what's best of all it's free!  Just go to the site that opens in the link and download the file called Apophysis 2.02, don't bother with the beta versions they are still under test.  Version 2.02 works perfectly.  There is an excellent tutorial here Arcane Fractals that will have you creating images like nothing you have ever seen before in just a few minutes.  Be careful, the damn thing is seriously addictive.

Have fun.


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