29 July 2007

It's a glorious morning here in the valley with plenty of sun and some high broken fluffy cloud.  It's a bit chill in a light north wind, but it looks set to remain fair for the rest of the day.

I'm just back from an early foray to the Tarn and was reluctant to come away as it's really looking its best in the sunshine with the water rippling in the breeze and reflecting the light in dancing patterns.  The swans still have their two cygnets which seem to be growing well and look quite lively. 

The whole valley seems to have suddenly come alive this morning with farmers up and down the river hastily cutting grass for haylage.  Conditions are almost perfect with a good drying breeze and plenty of sun.  There should be plenty of bottom on the grass after all the rain of the past two months so provided that we get some settled weather over the next few days there should be plenty of good fodder for the winter.  It's amazing how much both cows and sheep seem to love haylage despite its unappetising look and smell.  I tried my goats on it last year and they seemed to prefer it to sweet hay.  It's a Godsend up here as it is so much easier to make than hay which needs so many consecutive days of fine weather to cure properly.

The water level on the river has dropped appreciably overnight, but it's still quite fishable which is good as Alan M is taking a prospective member for a tour of the fishery later this morning.


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