26 July 2007

I like getting nice surprises, those little unexpected and chance discoveries that give your spirits a bit of a lift.  For a long while I have been looking out for a copy of Isaak Walton's classic on fishing “The Complete Angler” and on the way to Askrig on Tuesday we stopped off in Hawes to browse the market and get some lunch.  Whilst there we dropped into the village hall where there is a regular book sale and I came across a reprint of Isaak's work in almost new condition.  What makes this a particularly nice find is that it's illustrated by Arthur Rackham who has been a favourite illustrator of mine since I was a child and was given a copy of Anderson's tales with Rackham illustrations.  The book is a facsimile copy of a 1931 reprint of the fifth edition of 1676 and is lavishly illustrated with colour plates.  A great find.

The weather here this morning is showery and dull, not perfect conditions for our students to learn how to handle crayfish, but it should be an enjoyable morning non the less.  The river is still a bit on the low side as the rain we had yesterday morning gave over pretty quickly to give a fine bright day.

David H fished the Tarn with his son all afternoon and things were slow until the last hour when they began catching with virtually every cast on dry fly.  One strong take broke a 3 lb line so watch out for Moby Dick!


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