25 July 2007

It's chucking it down here at present under a pretty leaden sky, but the forecast is for showers later so maybe it will pick up a bit as the day matures.

The river had got surprisingly low by yesterday afternoon and Brian S and his wife who fished most of the day had a fairly thin time.  All the rain this morning will bring levels up appreciably so, given a bit of decent weather, conditions tomorrow should be better.

Paul is coming up today to set traps for the course tomorrow.  Anyone planning to fish the Tarn can be reassured that disturbance will be minimal.  The traps will be at the top end only with two sets off the boathouse, two sets on each cross wall and a set between the boathouse and the southern cross wall.  Ian W had no problem landing a 2lb+ fish whilst the students were working on Monday and since they will only be there between 11am and 1 pm they should cause minimal interference.

I went up to Askrig yesterday to show Sheila's brother and his family the falls.  There was very good water coming down the Ure certainly enough to encourage salmon to run high up the river, but we saw nothing in the half hour or so that we were by the river.

The really bad news this morning is that the CLA Game Fair which was to be held at Harewood House this weekend has been cancelled.  It seems that the very heavy rain that fell at Leeds on Friday finally defeated the valiant attempts of the organisers to keep the show ground fit for the thousands of people expected to attend.  This will be a devastating blow for all the businesses that were relying on the exposure they would get at the show and will cost local business an estimated

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