24 July 2004

The morning began here bright, sunny and almost cloudless, but it's now beginning to cloud up a bit.  Still, the river looks very inviting with a fairly good flow which is pretty clear after no rain for about 48 hours.  Levels are dropping quickly so anyone planning to fish is better off doing so today unless we get more rain later.

We had a good morning checking crayfish at the Tarn yesterday with a large and enthusiastic group of students.  They came fro a wide range of backgrounds including the EA, British Waterways, private consultancies and MOD Estates.

I did my usual short piece about the importance of conservation and natural methods for maintaining and improving the river ecosystem and the work that the club is doing to ensure that our wild trout have a future in sufficient numbers to ensure that our members can catch fish.

I think that they learnt a lot, they certainly saw plenty of native crayfish.  The 14 traps produced about 50 very healthy animals covering a good range of sizes of both male and female and a hand check of the margins picked up some juveniles as well so our local population continues to thrive.  Paul has a repeat performance on Thursday with a new group and it will be interesting to compare those results with what was found by the first group.


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