30 October 2011

The season has rather fizzled out with water too low for salmon now and few visits to the Tarn.  With the last day looming tomorrow it's time to shut up shop and plan for next season.

Hopefully we will get some dry weather early next year as we plan to paint the outside of the lodge ready for the the start of the new season, but the pundits are predicting another cold winter with a lot of snow so painting may have to wait until the timber dries in what will hopefully be a better summer than the one just gone.

It has been a while since we did any major habitat work on the fishery and I have been thinking about ways in which we could capitalise on the funding that the EA have available for Water Framework projects and have a few ideas starting to ferment.

As ever, the closed season will see a shift to a weekly blog unless there is major news to report so the next post will appear next Sunday with a review of the season.


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