21 October 2011

We had the first sharp frost of autumn here yesterday as we woke to a white world and ice on the garden pond.  Its put paid to my runner beans that have been cropping heavily since August and time will need to be spent in the garden at the weekend to clear the rest of the leaves that were brought down.

A little warmer today with less sun and a more noticeable westerly breeze that's rippling the surface of the Tarn.  A couple of members called by yesterday to report a good session on the Tarn despite the cold.  Fish were seen cruising just below the surface, not sipping fly just ambling about.  A cast to land a fly just ahead of these fish provoked a sharp take and a full quota was bagged in short order.

We are into the last week of this season now and beginning to plan for 2012.  Ideas are beginning to ferment about strengthening understanding of the river and the success of our wild brown trout in recruiting.  We know very little about the nature of the population in the upper Ribble, whether it's increasing, remains static or declining.  Data on this will be invaluable in helping to shape the way we manage the fishery and the ecology of the river generally and it may just be that we have found a way to obtain this and other data.

More on this during the winter.


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