19 October 2011

I went down to Stockport yesterday with Sheila to pay respects to David whose funeral it was.  A very moving and uplifting service that celebrated the life of this remarkable man who taught me so much about this club (and much else) that he knew from childhood. From now on my idiot musings will go unchallenged by David's gentle corrections and I shall have to check my statements about club history with far greater care.

I had little idea just how varied David's interests were, each pursued with the same meticulous care and passion that he devoted to the club and its history.

The journey back to Horton was what can best be described as fluvial.  As we approached Clitheroe up the Ribble valley the weather took on a violent nature and dumped what seemed like the full content of the river on the road.  Wipers at full velocity made no impact on this deluge that contained a fair dollop of hail.  Arriving at Horton the weather surprisingly took a turn for the better. Normally one can guarantee that if it's drizzling in Settle it will be throwing a monsoon further up the valley.

Today has been a cracker with full sun, little breeze, but quite cold.  The river is well off its salmon best and likely to stay that way until the weekend.


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