15 October 2011

there are some angling tales that you just know are true because, as they say, truth is always stranger than fiction.  Just such a tale was related to me yesterday evening when a member rang me to relate an experience that he and a colleague had just been party to at the Tarn.

As I said yesterday, the tarn was busy so members were dispersed at various points around the circumference and Fred found himself enjoying some success just beyond the lodge whilst Peter fished by the cross wall on the far side.  After a while signals were exchanged between the pair suggesting that they change places just to add some variety to the scenery.  On meeting as they crossed they contemplated their respective luck with Fred having landed a brace and Peter one.  Peter was rueful about a large fish that had broken him taking most of the leader and the booby tied at point for an excursion without the line or rod.

On commencing fishing from his new vantage point Fred was delighted to strike quickly to a fish that rose from the water to take aggressively.  On landing this glutton he was surprised to find that his hook was far down the fishes gullet.  But greater surprise was to follow when he noticed that his fly was actually attached to the lip and the leader he was holding was attached to nothing in particular apart from the fish.

Back home and with the fish gutted he became the proud possessor of Peter's booby and a few yards of mono filament.

This certainly seems to give the lie to the complaint that returned fish become hook shy.  This one, far from taking fright at being hooked had taken again a few minutes later.

It's gloriously sunny here just for a change, but rain is forecast over night so let's see how conditions are in the morning.


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