11 October 2011

Its been an absolutely foul few days here with almost constant heavy drizzle driven on by a strong north west wind.  It's not that the rain has been heavy in the sense of a downpour rather, its been like standing in the spray from a fine fire hose.  In a couple of minutes you are soaked to the skin no matter how well you wrap up.

By this morning the river was in good nick for salmon as the rain had pretty much given over and the water was just coming off the flood.  It was good to see at least one member trying his luck down near the pipe pool although since he hasn't emailed me on his return home I guess that his visit was fruitless.  With more rain forecast for Thursday there is still time for another try Neil.

Very sad news reached me on Saturday.  My long time regular correspondent died on Friday after a long and bravely born illness.  I shall miss the wonderful conversations that we have had over the past eight years, his frequent emails about all aspects of the pursuit of trout at Horton and his gentle remonstrations when I played fast and lose with the history of this venerable club in my jottings.  Rest easy David, the club is very much the poorer with your passing and I have lost an anchor.


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