23 July 2008

This is late today as I wanted to get the invertebrate check at Turn Dub done before Mr Sod managed to intervene again and prevent me doing so.  All seems well with good representations of most of the eight relevant families.  There were more gammarus this time and a very healthy crop of Baetis larvae.

I was struck by how well the herbage is growing along the banks here now that most of the woollies are kept out by the fence.  Not all though as I counted eight of the blighters on the far bank up to their ears in the tall grass. I shall have to investigate how they are getting in and block off the route.  It's a month since I was last at the Dub and I was surprised to see just how many of the broadleaved trees we planted a couple of years ago have failed.  I guess it's a combination of sheep and the spring drought.  Coincidentally, when I started up the PC a few minutes ago down came an email from Gavin P commenting on the same thing.  I will need to investigate further and try to find the cause before we try to plant here again.

Gavin also tells me that he has a source of gammarus that will serve well to kick start the nursery I have made so I will get the thing installed later so that it can stabilise before we put in the shrimps.

Stocking the Tarn at 10 am tomorrow so be warned.


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