21 July 2008

We awake here at Horton this morning to find that summer has returned after a long absence.  It's absolutely glorious out there at present with wall to wall blue sky a few wispy clouds and almost no breeze.  The temperature is also climbing back to somewhere near normal so it seems a perfect day to go monitoring invertebrates for the July check using the revised skills that I learnt from Dai on Saturday.

The river is just about perfect.  Well watered and clear and it would not surprise me if salmon were lurking in the usual lies below Horton bridge.

I have decided to begin experimenting with breeding gammarus.  There are a a few things to tie up first before I say much about this, but if all goes to plan I should have the first nursery set up by the weekend.

I will report later on the invertebrate results.

It really is a day to skip work and go fishing!


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