6 November 2010

You can guess what the story is this week.  Yep, rain.  We had a veritable monsoon here on Thursday.  I was going to Skipton, but as I watched the river rising all morning and no sign of a respite from the deluge I decided not to venture too far from home.  Very wise.  By mid afternoon the lane had become a beck with two feet of water on the ford and a good three feet at the New Inn turn.  Via the internet I watched the EA flow monitor at Locks weir down near Langcliffe as it registered the level rising hour by hour.  During the evening it peaked at eight centimetres below the maximum recorded and two centimetres below the recent high in 2008.  All the meadows below the house flooded and the river could be seen from my kitchen window as a foaming, rushing mass of water.

The railway was closed and the replacement bus service became marooned at Studfold blocking the road until mid day on Friday.  the only way of getting out of Newhouses was by tractor.

It's all quiet now, drying nicely in some welcome sunshine.  Just getting ready for the next deluge forecast for Monday. 

The flood should certainly have shifted some fish, but really what we need is a prolonged period of steady rain to keep the level up for a few days.  What we don't need are flash floods with a swift rise and fall.  All they do is damage the redds without providing time for fish to make it to the upper river and its tributary becks.

I will put a link through to the Locks weir monitor on the club website.  This should give a pretty accurate indicator of the river level below Horton and over time it should be possible to correlate the readings on the monitor with fishing conditions on the fishery.




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