31 October 2010

That's it, another season ends and it did so with a bit of a flourish as the river delivered up at least four good salmon during the week.  You can read about Mike's final visit and how persistence pays on Angli Vespers.

It's been an odd season with either too little or too much water for long periods.  Some of our regular rods found the lure of business stronger than the lure of fishing and my rather impetuous decision to become Parish Clerk kept me tied to a desk for more hours than I anticipated.  Still, it wasn't all doom and gloom.  There is very strong evidence that the stock of young brownies has increased during the year which bodes well for future seasons and should ensure that recruitment of brown trout is healthy.  We now have a web cam at the Tarn which after all the teething problems are sorted will enable me to monitor cormorant and other predation far more effectively than in the past.

The rainbows introduced into the tarn have all been first rate and given a lot of good sport.  I can vouch for their eating qualities too.

We shall have to see how much impact there is from the presence of a new route over the river below Drain Mires.  Now that the bridge is in place I will put up a few of Gavin's smart notices just to remind folk that the river is out of bounds.

All that remains is to lock up and burrow down for the winter.  The seaweed suggests that it will be another harsh one.  So much for global warming!


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