23 October 2010

I'm now officially switching to a weekly blog normally on Sundays for the closed season.  It's been so quiet here over he past week that there really has been too little to report that would make interesting reading.

We had a fair drop of rain yesterday so the river is just about in salmon condition.  Best hurry though as with dryer and more settled weather forecast for the last week of the season tomorrow will probably be the last chance for any decent fishing before we kick off again next March.

I will do a retrospective next week when I have had chance to catch my thoughts and cast a mind over what's been a difficult fishing year and one that has seen me unexpectedly busy and tied to a desk rather more than I have liked.

I was cleaning the Holiday let here this morning and watching a flock of black birds making merry with the elderberries and berries on the cotoniaster.  Young sparrows were bobbing about on the deep window ledges hopping in and out of the clematis that covers the front of the house and peering in through the window.  My eye was suddenly caught by a flash of lighter feathers in the elder tree and I spotted a speckled breast amongst the thinning leaves and branches. A thrush I thought, haven't seen one for months.  But there was something odd about this thrush. It seemed larger than normal and had a grey head.  I rushed to get the binoculars and low and behold sitting in my elder was a visitor from Russia.  It's the very first fieldfare I have ever seen and what a magnificent looking bird it is with its thrush like breast, grey cap and upper tail ending in a black bar.

Perhaps this is another portent of a hard winter.


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