10 October 2010

This is a first.  I'm sitting writing this in the lodge at the Tarn having taken the laptop and linked it into the wireless connection that carries the images from the camera.  It's a wee bit slow at present as the gale we had a couple of days ago has shifted the aerial slightly off the receiver over in Selside and it's really a two man job to realign it as someone needs to do the shifting as another watches the signal strength meter in the boathouse.  Still, how many other clubs have a broadband connected fishing lodge?

It's a bit breezy this afternoon, but otherwise a glorious sunny day with plenty of waterfowl activity on the water.  The solitary cygnet looks lost without the rest of the family who I guess are down on the river somewhere.  Why this youngster has not gone with its siblings I cannot say, but it's probably the smallest of the three cygnets and was a reluctant participant in the flying lessons that were going on a coupler of weeks ago.

I went down to look at the new bridge earlier.  It's still some way from completion, but with care one can use it to cross to the west bank of the river.  From the apex of the arch it really is an impressive structure and would take a car with little problem.  About half the deck is now in place and I would guess that there is at least a further months work left before the structure is usable.

Looking at the forecast for the coming week I should think that this season will fizzle out with pretty well no rain in prospect to lift the river into salmon fishing condition.

Just as well I did come up here as I sent packing a guy who had just set himself up for an afternoon's free fishing.  I have my suspicions that it's the same guy who called at my house this morning asking where he could fish and who I sent down to Helwith Bridge.  Came from Sheffield.  I say no more!


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