7 October 2010

It's a cracking morning so far and the Tarn looked stunning in early morning sun reflecting the hills around from a mirror surface.  So, no wind then.  It's a puzzle.  Ever since Neil put up the wind generator we have had next to no wind to recharge the battery so the camera has been on and off like a footballers marriage. With a bit of luck the solar panel will kick in today and pump a bit of energy into the battery.

No sign of cormorants this morning, but plenty of evidence of their activities on Tuesday when a member called by to show me two fish he had caught that showed sure signs of encounters with the pests.  One magnificent 3lb brownie had lesions on both flanks with very definite beak marks.  This big fish obviously proved too much of a mouthful. Pity it didn't choke the s*d.  The smaller (2lb) fish was similarly marked.

The river is a wee bit low for good salmon fishing and I have not heard whether Ian W had any success with a falling river on Monday.  I have heard that fewer fish have been recorded entering the Ribble this year and I have not yet seen many above Horton.

By all accounts Les's funeral was a sad, but uplifting event for those who attended.  I had intended to be there, but Parish Council problems prevented the trip to Wigan on the day.  I do hope that his family and many friends found some solace and comfort.  His sudden demise has left a hole in all our lives.


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