3 October 2010

The supper on Friday was a great success and we filled the Crown to bursting. Good food, good beer and excellent crack were very much the order and it was good to see old contacts being renewed and new ones forged.  I know that a couple of members had to cry off at the last minute due to illness and we wish them a speedy recovery.

I have been busy over the past few days (hence the silence) investigating a potential threat to the fishery from the commencement of timber harvesting operations at Cam.  All this work has now resulted in a letter from the Hon Sec to the Environment Agency and others and we wait to see what action they may be able to take.  The main concern is about how the harvesting will affect the water quality in Cam beck and thence the river.  Any rise in acidity from run off over the cleared ground will have an impact on invertebrates and fish recruitment.  Also since the timber is being transported over Gayle beck via a ford there is also a risk to that major tributary of the river.  More on this on the club website.

We had a rather pleasant autumn day here yesterday with plenty of warm sunshine.  In fact an ideal salmon day.  Today is pretty grim.  It's not windy or particularly cold, but the rain has been falling since before dawn and shows no sign of letting up.  Tomorrow may be brighter and on a falling river the salmon should be running again.

I went out last night to see a club member singing for his supper.  Mike Harding was performing at the Ingleborough Folk Festival and kept a couple of hundred of us highly amused for the best part of two hours.  I have not seen Mike perform for many years apart from the occasional anecdote over a curry in Settle or a brew in the lodge and I had forgotten just how sharp an observer of northern life he is and how well he translates those observations into side aching humour.  His take on the blues from the depths of the Irwell delta is something not to be missed.


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