27 September 2010

After much effort on Neil's behalf the Tarn webcam is now up and running well streaming live pictures to the member's website.  These images update automatically every minute so you don't need to keep reloading the browser page.  At present the camera is set to show the majority of the water from the lodge looking towards the duck wall.  The resolution is sufficiently good to reveal rises and as the end of the cross wall is just in picture we should be able to monitor cormorant activity.  Now that the power is mainly coming from a wind generator the camera will continue broadcasting pictures irrespective of the light so on very bright nights it may just be possible to pick up nocturnal activity.  Neil has done a brilliant job on this and deserves much thanks.

No chance of nocturnal pictures this week as the forecast is a very mixed bag of rain, wind and much gloom.  It's particularly dark this morning, but quite warm and almost windless.  There is still enough flow on the river to provide some reasonable end of season  trout fishing and with a veritable deluge promised for tomorrow and again on Friday there may well be good salmon fishing to be had for those staying on after the Hot Pot on Friday evening.

This promises to be quite an event with nearly 50 members, landowners and guests expected to fill the Crown Hotel. 

The invert check at New Inn  gave no surprises (to me at least, the minnow I caught in one sample looked a bit shocked).  Plenty of olives and a reasonable number of small May dun and caddis, but no gammarus and very few stone fly.  Looking back this is pretty much the pattern for last September at this spot.  This is now the fourth year that we have been monitoring the inverts in the river and I must get down to compiling a profile to see whether all the data we have gathered shows any changes year on year.


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