25 September 2010

The sun put in a rare appearance today and bathed the Tarn in a glow that really accentuated its beauty as Sammy's family gathered to scatter his ashes.  Despite the chill wind that made the water decidedly choppy Peter gave a masterful demonstration  of oarsmanship to enable Sammy's nephew to scatter the ashes on the water.  A fitting resting place for someone who spent so many happy hours fishing from the boat.  The only real regret was that so few members were present.  Just two of us were witness with the family.  I had hoped for a more generous send off.

We may soon be able to restore the service of live pictures from the Tarn.  If all goes to plan tomorrow an improved power supply should ensure that the camera works without interruption.  If so then watch for synchronised flying practise from the swan family.  I had an email yesterday from one of the Tuesday boys which I will put on the Club website.  It records the boy's delight in seeing for the first time the three cygnets being taken through their flying lessons.  We witnessed the same performance today as seemingly on a nod from dad two of the three youngsters began to accelerate down the Tarn until they reached take off speed whereupon they throttled back amid much wing flapping and came to rest.  Their sibling was much too busy stuffing its gullet to take part.

The river despite having fallen since the rain we had on Thursday is still in good fishing nick.  So there is still time and opportunity for brown trout before the season ends next Thursday.  Watch out for the bitter north east wind.  It's cold enough to worry a brass monkey.




One thought on “25 September 2010

  1. Hi Ian
    I visited the tarn this afternoon (Sunday) to restore my confidence after a torrid morning on the river. When I got there I disturbed a cormorant which took off and repositioned itself at the top end of the tarn. Could he be your mystery fish muncher?
    I am embarrassed to hear that the web cam is fixed because it will have broadcast my dreadful casting in that stiff Easterly for all to see – hopefully most will have had better things to do on a Sunday than watch me whip the water to a foam anyway.
    Best wishes
    Chris Smith

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