22 September 2010

A rather nice morning has gradually deteriorated to a wet afternoon with a veil of cloud drawn across the fells.  It's still mild and I have seen a good few sedge on the wing so despite the damp fishing remains good.  It may well be wet tomorrow and Friday so conditions on a drier Saturday should be good for those planning to wet a line after seeing Sammy off at the Tarn.

Fingers crossed that we may have a fisheries minister in post who actually listens to reason and is opposed to one size fits all policies.  The S&TA and AST met Richard Benyon recently primarily to discuss the Trout and Grayling Strategy.  Opportunity was taken at this meeting to raise issues of a more fundamental nature such as funding for fisheries work in the EA and the structural changes needed within the EA to ensure that he Water Framework Directive actually leads to improved catchment conditions.  It's clear from this meeting that Benyon is not a fan of legislation that offers no scope for local management based on local knowledge and conditions.  Watch this space.


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