21 September 2010

I was up at the Tarn early this morning celebrating the fact that at long last its stopped raining.  A warm and rather muggy start to the day had encouraged a good hatch of sedge and our Tarn fish were making merry with more rises than I have seen for some days.

The cygnets are getting big and bold now, confident enough to stand their ground as I approach and give me a good hissing.  Their flight feathers look well developed so it won't be long before they try out a few tentative glides.

No sign of dead fish so our occasional mustelid visitor cannot have been about since the weekend.  Mind you, with so much water in the river he is probably far too engrossed chasing salmon.

I went over to take a look at the new bridge.  This seems to be making glacial progress and looks little different from early last week.  It really is a monster structure with a massive ellipse spanning the river.  I have serious doubts as to whether the job will be finished by the end of the month when their licence runs out. 

Those of you who knew Sammy Wood may wish to know that his ashes are being scattered at the Tarn on Saturday 25th September at about 11.30.  I know that many of his friends will be there to witness and pay their respects so do come along if you can.  I thought of Sammy last week.  I was up a ladder pruning the climbing dog rose that covers the gable wall of the house when I heard a distant rumble from up by Ribblehead.  This grew in volume and I almost fell off the ladder as a Lancaster bomber came sedately down the valley at almost roof top height.  I thought, if only that could have happened on 25th it would have been a remarkable send off for the venerable member.



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