19 September 2010

It's been raining since late afternoon and so far 3 inches have been deposited in the bucket outside the back door.  As you can guess the river is in full spate and carrying a dark colour.  Not an ideal day for fishing unless you like a really wild salmon battle.

The forecast gives a showery day tomorrow and then dryer and brighter conditions.  Let's see.

I was planning on doing the September invert check today, but no chance.  One slip and you're in Settle.  Talking of invert checks, I now have records for the upper Ribble from Cam Beck right down to Long Preston thanks to all the hard work that PBA's interns did over the late summer.  It's interesting to see how the populations differ along the river mainly due to habitat and substrate changes. No real surprises except on one beck below Settle where gammarus seem to have taken over the universe.  Mostly it's caddis and the usual emphemera.


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