14 September 2010

Ye Gods what a night.  It blew a gale and deposited half a monsoon in the valley until late this morning when the cloud lifted and some sunshine broke through.  It's still very windy, but the sun is valiantly maintaining a presence glinting on the full spate that's turned the river brown and angry.  As this lot drops the salmon should be running in good numbers.

Here is one from the dark side.  I got an email yesterday forwarding a poster from the Non Native Species Secretariat (no, I hadn't heard of them either, but assumed they must exist given the proliferation of non native species in the wild).  This poster asks all fishermen to be on the outlook for a “killer shrimp”  which rather than running amok in the High Street targets young fish and inverts seriously altering ecosystems.  Currently it's only found in Grafham water, but given the propensity of non natives to migrate across catchments with unwary human help it may only be a matter of time before it's on your doorstep.

I have put a copy of the poster in the lodge so keep your eyes open.

Don't forget the Hot Pot supper on 1 October.  Invites are landing on doormats now and the Crown still has some rooms available for those who would rather not drive home in a replete state.


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