31 July 2010

Over the past couple of weeks I have been working on and off with our local crayfish expert helping him to establish a business in Settle.  This will be an extension of the work that Paul has been doing for the past ten years supporting utility companies, construction companies, the Environment Agency and others who undertake works adjacent to water courses and who need to comply with the stringent regulations that govern their activities in these fragile environments.

PBA Applied Ecology has recently taken on two interns who will be working on the upper Ribble over the next two months carrying out a thorough crayfish survey to winkle out any residual populations that previous surveys may not have picked up.  Since we don't expect to find much and spending two months turning stones may get a bit tedious for active scientific minds I have arranged with Paul for the interns to do a number of invertebrate checks on our waters.  This should give us much more detailed data on what is living where at a number of sites between Helwith Bridge and Far Gearstones and complement the monthly checks that I do at New Inn and Turn Dub.

A base for the business has been found and No 11 Commercial Yard Settle will begin to hum with activity from the end of next week.

A fair drop of rain fell here yesterday afternoon so the river has lifted a touch and with just a light westerly breeze crossing the valley fishing should be OK this weekend.


One thought on “31 July 2010

  1. Ian Fleming,keeper. Settle Anglers have had some mink reported over the last few weeks, we have managed to catch a couple but the last reported sighting was not accounted for, maybe it has moved on up to Horton, it may pay to keep an eye on muddy or sandy patches adjacent to the waters edge. Bob Garnett. Settle Anglers.

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