28 July 2010

The saga of the bridleway bridge is becoming almost Icelandic in epic terms as a result of the unfairness of the weather here.  The latest estimate is that the bridge sections will arrive and be put in place next week.  The foundations have just about surfaced above the river which is now back to usual summer levels so concreting should resume shortly.

It's unusual to awaken to the sound of traffic on this lane at six thirty.  Not much travels up from Horton at that time of day and the sight of a car or waggon on the road is rare enough to be noticeable.  But since the bridleway work started it's been like Piccadilly Circus with vans and 4×4's providing a base line to the normal treble of the dawn chorus.

Now here is a treat.  A new Blog has appeared on the interweb that should appeal mightily to all you fishers of surface feeding fish.  Take a look at http://www.dryflyexpert.blogspot.com/ and give yourself a treat.

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