27 July 2010

They say that angling is a quiet commune with nature that strips away the cares of a troubled world and sends the angler back to his or her business refreshed and of tranquil mind.  Yeah, right! that's fine if all goes well but three incidents over the past couple of days have shown that the baleful attention of Mr Sod and his well known law can turn to angling equally as to any other activity.

Take one (very) small boy, his grandfather and a three pound rainbow with attitude.  Add a sedge on a light hook and the thrill of hooking the fish of his young life then cap it all with a broken hook just as the fish comes to the net.  You can visualise the rest.

Then consider the scene last evening.  Two members fresh from the river arrive at the Tarn, tackle up and begin fishing.  Member number one eventually gets caught in weed and gives the rod a flick.  A sickening crack and a rather expensive rod has a joint where a joint don't belong.  Not to be outdone member number two does precisely the same thing about half an hour later.  They do say that one of the key reasons why Homo sapiens dominate the earth is that the upright ape is able to learn from experience and adjust behaviour and actions accordingly.  Perhaps evolution has some way to go yet when it comes to the pursuit of fish with a string on a stick.

It may just be that the extensive river survey work that was done a few weeks ago is about to lead to the first real improvement.  Plans are being hatched that will see some modest habitat improvement taking place near Lodge Hall.  This will take the form of in-stream works that should provide better cover for fish on this open beat. As ever the availability of money will be the factor that determines whether this goes ahead.

The river is low now, but just about fishable.  We have a gloomy, overcast day with almost no breeze and the threat of some rain later so conditions are far from impossible.


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