21 July 2010

At long last it has stopped raining.  It's not what you might call bright and sunny, but at least the monsoon that plagued us yesterday has abated.  The river is very high and carrying quite a colour, but it is now beginning to fall back and if we get no more rain today it should be fishable tomorrow.

For the past few weeks I have been watching the antics of a pair of coots that have built a nest on the bank of the Tarn just below the cross wall on the south side.  This nest is in full and glorious view of every predator in the area, but much to my surprise has survived.  The rain that fell yesterday has lifted the level of the Tarn so much that not only is the boat now floating free for the first time in months, but so is the nest.  On approaching this morning I thought that both eggs had been washed out of the half submerged nest as there were two in the water close by.  Not so.  As I bent down to retrieve the eggs an irate coot came rushing over scolding and clucking and retrieved a small bundle of black fluff from the sedge by my waders.  So they have one chick and there must have been three eggs in the nest.  One possibly hidden down deep.  The pity is that the third egg was on the point of hatching, but must have rolled out of the nest as the chick struggled to break free.

Don't forget that the crayfish traps will be set on Thursday afternoon ready for the course on Friday so it will be a bit busy at the Tarn at the end of the week.


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