20 July 2010

It's been raining stair rods most of the afternoon and the river is now in full spate with a dark torrent flowing over Settle weir.  Even as I write this at 7.45 it's raining so levels will stay high for some time yet.  By the way, whilst we work on getting our own webcams up and operational on the fishery you can get some idea of conditions on the upper river by visiting the webcam at Settle weir http://settlehydro.hubexpert.com:8080/shcamweir.php

I forgot to mention yesterday that last week's fishing returns from the Tarn showed the highest ratio of catch to visits for the last two years with an average of 4.5 fish caught per member visit.  Either fishing skills are improving or the Tarn and its resident fish is in cracking form.

All this rain has put paid to any serious work on the bridleway bridge.  At present the foundations are under water so it's unlikely that the bridge will be erected this week as planned.

Whilst on the topic of civil engineering I am aiming to visit the beat where we put in the willow spiling some time tomorrow to see how well it has stood up to the first flood since the withies were planted.  The bend will have taken a real battering over the past few days so it will be a useful test for this experiment.


One thought on “20 July 2010

  1. Well it's been raining cats and dogs in South Ribble all day as well. My local river (The Yarrow), which usually trickles through the village of Croston is now about 12 feet above what it was yesterday when I took the dog for a walk! The village and surrounding area are all on full flood alert with emergency services and EA in attendance. And it's still raining! I think the dog better sleep upstairs tonight! And I was hoping to make my first trip to the fishery this week!!

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