19 July 2010

It's been raining here almost continuously for about 48 hours now and slowly the Tarn is beginning to fill.  It was up about four inches this morning, still not enough to float the boat in the boat house, but it's getting there.

The river was in full spate yesterday afternoon and is still running very high and coloured.  No sign yet of salmon or sea trout, but as I said yesterday it can only be a matter of time before they arrive at Horton if this rain keeps up.

My ducks look more cheerful than they have done for months and are busy turning their patch of garden into a mud wallow.  Normally white, when I went out last night to lock them away I found four very happy and very khaki ducks wearing what looked like mud wellingtons. The pond looks like a vat of chocolate as they keep rushing to the water to rinse off after yet another plough through the  swamp for worms.  The eggs are good though.


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