18 July 2010

Another wet morning in prospect here.  It's been raining for some while so the river is nearly bank full with a fair bit of colour.  The strong winds of the past few days have abated so casting will be less of a challenge, but there really is a drop too much water for decent fishing right now.  Looking ahead tomorrow is forecast to be wet, but after that it should settle down again and the end of the week may be fine.

With all this cloud the battery running the tarn camera isn't getting enough sol to fully charge so the transmitter keeps logging off.  That's why the pictures are only coming through in dribs and drabs.  There is a cunning plan to fix this later in the week.

There will be a crayfish handling course running up at the Tarn on Thursday and Friday, so if you are planning to visit later in the week be warned that there will be traps set from Wednesday evening and students milling around on Thursday.  And talking of invertebrates, it should be possible at long last to do a riverfly check this week.  This will be the first since April due to the absence of any river to kick in.  It will be interesting to see if the long drought has had any discernible impact on invertebrate larvae.


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