16 July 2010

Its been raining cats and dogs here for a good few hours now so the river is in better shape than I have seen it for the past 5 months.  It's carrying some colour at present, but when the rain eases it should begin to lose turbidity and become perfect for fishing.  A quick look shows that it's teeming with young trout and salmon parr and on this current flood I would not be surprised to see a few salmon making a dash for the top end.  We know that both they and a number of sea trout have been mooching around at Lytham so by Sunday they may reach Horton if the flood holds up.

There are continuing problems with the camera at the Tarn caused by a lack of power to the transmitter.  This is being worked on, but it is proving to be an invaluable test which is exactly what the installation was intended to be.  It's now known precisely what's needed to ensure that any river installation can be made to work straight out of the box.

All morning concrete waggons have been trundling through Newhouses taking up material for the footings for the Bridleway bridge.  I was up there yesterday morning before breakfast and I have never seen such a tidy and compact civil engineering site.  They really are making every effort to minimise the impact of the workings on the environment of the river.  The concrete is being carried down to the site in dumpers because of the risk of the big waggons toppling on the gradients so this will minimise even further the potential damage to the river bank.

It's far from ideal weather to be pouring concrete and there is now a real risk that the workings will be inundated by a rising river.  It really is foul outside at present.


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