28 March 2010

Take away the bitterly cold north west wind that's blowing straight down the river this morning and conditions for fishing would be near perfect.  The water is now the colour of champaign and falling back after the flood we had on Friday.  I was up at Turn Dub a couple of hours ago doing the riverfly check watched by a very suspicious duck.  The results are very good and continue to show plenty of olives and flat mayflies.  I found more cased caddis than the last check at this point and the now usual saddleable stonefly.

There is some potentially good news for those of you who value sea trout.  It would seem that this rather neglected fish is to be the subject of some very intensive and extensive research this year.  Two main projects are planned for the north sea basin.  Celtic Sea Trout and Living North Sea are aimed at establishing data on the population and distribution of this wandering brownie on rivers entering the Irish and North Sea basins.  Find out more at www.celticseatrout.com and www.livingnorthsea.eu/ a further project will look at sea trout distribution in the south west of England and western approaches.

It will be interesting to see what emerges from these studies.

After a slow start last week saw a good number of members fishing the Tarn all with success.  The river also has begun to deliver up decent brownies and I know of at least two caught last week below Studfold that were in super condition despite the predations of a cold winter.


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