27 March 2010

We had a lot of rain here on Thursday so by yesterday morning the river was in full flood and as high as it's been all winter.  The precipitation eased off last night and so this morning we have a falling river, but still very coloured water.  with the forecast giving a bright and sunny day my guess is that by late this afternoon we should see almost perfect river fishing conditions with plenty of water, less colour and a good fly hatch.

I had one of those moments on Thursday afternoon that make all the effort I put into this fishery more than worth it.  A long standing member and former Council member dropped by to say that he had just caught at the tarn the two finest brown trout he had ever seen.  Coming from someone of very exacting standards this was indeed praise and fully justifies the little extra we are now paying for our Tarn fish.  When I put them in at the beginning of March i was struck by how fit they looked.  A few weeks in the caress of our perfect Tarn has improved them still further.  Let's hope it all stays that way.

The swans are now nest building and mating so it won't be long before eggs are laid.  They are a little early this year so maybe they anticipate a good spring and summer.  The rookery in my giant sycamore is also in full belt and mornings are now a little fraught as letting out my ducks involves the risk of falling timber from frantic nest building as the duck house (not paid for by public money) is under the sycamore.  It beats me how a rook can carry stuff as big as I find under the nests.  It's not quite 4 by 2, but not far off.  The nests are very high in the tree, another sign that we are in for a decent summer.


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