23 March 2010

It's time to begin more regular postings about life on the river and the fishery now that the season is underway and more members are making their way to Horton.

It's been a slow start so far with only 3 members fishing last week, but a visit to the Tarn this afternoon in the company of a prospective member found two hardy souls braving the chill wind and cloudy sky.  The forecast for the rest of the week suggests that we shall have a fair bit of rain with a slight rise in day time temperature.  So expect to find the river in rather more water than it has been so far this year.

The Tarn trout are taking well and have already received compliments on their condition.  I will now start posting up weekly stats on Tarn fishing on the club website.

This is something to watch.  The Environment Agency are consulting on proposals to simplify the process of permitting hydro schemes.  Now here I must confess to being a climate change sceptic as for my money there is still a proper debate to be had about the impact on climate of human generated carbon emissions, but what is clear is that unless these hydro schemes are properly evaluated for environmental impact then they will almost certainly risk damaging riverine ecology.  The EA are coming under irresistible pressure from a blinkered warmist central government to facilitate these schemes and we must be vigilant in ensuring that they are not fast tracked through the planning process to the wider detriment of our rivers.


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