21 March 2010

It was a fairly quiet first week with low water limiting the opportunity for decent river fishing.  The few members who did journey up to Horton found the Tarn in good form and the recent stockies playing well.  I came across one member trudging round the east end of the water with a good sized over wintered fish.  She would have weighed in at well over 3lb, but was burdened with eggs that reduced her weight considerably once ejected.

The swans are now in courtship mood so the early days of the week saw a very dejected young pen mooching around the pasture by the lodge clearly confused as to why her parents had suddenly taken against her.  By Thursday she had got the message that she was not wanted and had left to join her brothers somewhere along the river.

First thing this morning I went down to New Inn and did the monthly invertebrate check.  This produced a very healthy crop of baetis nymphs as well as heptagenia, gammarus and another batch of massive stoneflies.  No hatches were seen, but then it was pretty cold with a thick mist after a sharp frost over night.  March browns usually appear on the wing around lunch time so a gentle jaunt down to the river a little later may find a few especially as it's now coming sunny.

Finally, we had a fair drop of rain yesterday that has lifted the river a good four inches.  Once the colour begins to fall out fishing conditions will be quite good.


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