14 March 2010

Those members hoping to wet a line tomorrow for the first time this season may find conditions a little trying.  We have had little or no rain here for the past three weeks so the river is rather low.  We also have a cold north west wind blowing straight down most of the beats.  Casting will be a challenge and finding good water equally so.

There is better news at the Tarn where some shelter from the breeze can be found under the north west bank.  We put 160 of the bonniest rainbows in yesterday most at around 2lb, but there are a few at about twice that weight.  For the first time for a number of years a few brown trout have been stocked.  Again these are about two pound in weight and are unmistakable with bright gold bellies and vivid spots.

All the doors are now sliding freely so no more near dislocated shoulders trying to get into the boathouse or lodge and getting into the boat is now much safer without the accumulated tot lining the walk way.

I was up by the Tarn first thing this morning having a pre season check round and to my surprise there were four swans milling about, two up by the reed bed and two down by the duck wall.  The old cob clearly took exception to the presence of what I assume are two of last year's cygnets as he decided to put on a display of petulant aggression and charged off down the Tarn running on the water with beating wings and outstretched neck.  The two interlopers kept moving just out of range which only increased the bad temper until the pen glided down to pour a little oil on troubled waters.  It won't be long now before the resident pair begin nesting.

Maybe I shall see you at the Tarn tomorrow.


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