9 March 2010

The AGM was a bit like a rerun of the last supper with only 13 members present and a candle lit top table.  Despite the low turn out it was a convivial evening, good business was conducted and efforts made to clear a monumental buffet.  Brian T is President for this year and the remaining Council members were re elected en bloc.

All members planning to fish the river this season are encouraged to get a record book from the Hon Sec.  The purpose of these is to provide a fuller picture of the state of the fishery to assist future management plans.  This season there is an incentive to complete them.  Each book will contain a raffle ticket and if your number is pulled from the hat (creel) then you will get two days salmon fishing in Scotland with Neil H as a reward.  This initiative is being run in conjunction with Settle Anglers who have a large membership so the more MAA members who return booklets the more chance the club has of securing the prize.

A working party at the Tarn on Sunday was well attended and all is now ready for the season start on 15th.  The contents of B&Q has been removed from the boathouse, the boathouse doors rehung, the boat varnished and much tot removed from around the lodge.  The keeper can vouch for the continued low temperature of the water having spent a good half hour immersed up the parting of the ways helping to rehang the door.

After last week's blog I got a message from a member who is about as far from Horton as is possible to get.  Edward M left a message on the blog from the Falklands where he is currently carrying out a peat survey.  It's a strange coincidence as the last time Ed was on the Falklands was in 1983 and at that time I was in daily contact by phone with the team down there who were overseeing the construction of the airfield after the Falklands conflict.  Phoning the Falklands in those pre internet days was interesting.  You could hear your own voice echoing back and after a few seconds delay you might if you were lucky hear a disembodied voice from the bottom of the planet.  Since our staff were all housed in redundant shipping containers this only added to the echo effect.  Chinese whispers wasn't in it!


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