26 June 2007

Let's start with conditions here this morning which are much more benign than yesterday.  We seem to have escaped relatively lightly compared to South Yorkshire.  A lot of rain fell in the morning, but by mid day it had mostly given over and we were left with a strong north wind.  Even that has diminished now and we are left with a bright start with a light north west breeze and high, broken cloud.  The river has fallen off the flood so conditions for fishing are not too bad.

For some time now we have been talking about drawing up a definitive map of the fishery showing all the named features and access points so that when a beat is referred to everyone knows where this is.  I have scanned in a large scale OS map and enlarged it to a size which will allow pools and other features to be identified and labelled.  What I intend to do is to put a copy of this map in the hut marked up with my understanding of the names we use for pools etc.  I would invite all members to annotate this map with their own names for the features so that in time we arrive at a comprehensive guide with all the various names currently in use.  We can then publish a final version marked up with the most commonly used names and their various alternatives.

This should make life a lot easier for new members who want to explore the full potential of this extensive fishery.  Long time members might find it useful also as we all seem to have our own names depending on whether we use club names or those used by locals.


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