29 March 2007

Well, that's almost it then.  We had another great day at Cam Beck yesterday and the 500 meter fence is finished.  What the students and their tutors have achieved is quite remarkable and has exceeded all my expectations.  Don Gamble of the YDMT seem impressed also and had no hesitation in signing off the work.  I have now sent off the claim form and payment should be just a formality.  There are still a few trees to plant and some gates, including the water gate to put in, but I have a student joining me for 4 days work experience spread over 4 weeks after Easter and together we should get all the remaining tidying up completed by the end of April.

It's all been hugely enjoyable working with such a fine bunch of youngsters and I have written to the College Principal to bring the work to his attention and offer our thanks for all the hard work that the students ad staff of the College have put into the project.

Now we can monitor the changes that take place here and begin to assess over time whether it was all worthwhile in terms of raising fish population and generally improving the habitat of the area.

I promised some time ago to write an article about all this for Flyfishers Republic so must now sit down and put something together for publication in June.

Further good news is that we have had a fair bit of rain here today so the river will have come up a bit by tomorrow.  Some beats were beginning to look a little threadbare after this dry spell so fishing should now be reasonable over the weekend. 

Finally we have arranged to plant the large tree slips donated by Gavin P down at Turn Dub on Monday.  It was arranged for today, but Gavin had to be elsewhere.

More on Sunday then back to a daily posting.


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