25 March 2007

Yes, I know I said I would post an update on Friday, but having been in London all week things here got a bit busy.  Still, it's good to be back in the land of sanity after the madness of London especially as the weather is pretty benign at the moment.  The morning has dawned clear and sunny with a stiff easterly wind just to liven things up a bit.  The river is in good form.  A bit on the low side but well worth a try for early trout on the beats that are sheltered from the cold wind.

We stocked the Tarn last Saturday and put in 200 super looking fish that shot off like little rockets.  These were mostly between 1.5 & 1.75 lb and the fittest looking trout we have had from Washburn Valley.  We also stocked a few larger fish to about 3lb just to give a bit of variety.  I am hopeful that these feisty brownies will fight well and provide a worthwhile challenge for our Tarn fishers.

I now have 75 very large trees ready to go into the buffer zone at Turn Dub.  These are a mix of hawthorn, rowan and ash and should very quickly grow up to provide some good cover at this rather exposed spot.  Thanks again to Gavin P for his generous donation.  He now has a smaller 'carbon footprint'.

I'm off up to Cam Beck shortly to see what the students did on Wednesday in my absence and to plant a few more trees from the 150 we have left to go in here.

This Wednesday we have a visit from the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust who provided much of the funding for this project.  They are coming to inspect the work, hopefully sign it off and give me the claim form so that we can get access to the grant money they have provided.  If anyone fancies a trip up to Horton on Wednesday to meet their projects officer we should all be on site at Cam Beck at about 10.30.

From 1 April I intend to start a daily report on this blog, pretty much as I did last season.  The aim is to keep members informed about conditions on the fishery and any issues that could affect the quality of fishing you might expect on arrival at Horton.

See you all soon.


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