18 March 2007

The weather here over the past 24 hours has been truly appalling.  Yesterday it started fine but deteriorated quickly to give us rain in the afternoon then towards evening along came a north westerly gale just to liven things up a bit.  It was a pretty rough night and the river this morning is very high and coloured.  We still have a strong wind but now it's blowing along snow showers interspersed with brighter, sunny patches.  So all in all not a great day to wet a line anywhere along the river.

Better news comes from the school where the trout fry are looking very fit and well.  The tank now holds some 200 very lively and active young trout which are about half an inch long.  They have a refuge in the shape of an old tree root and immediately take cover in this if disturbed.  By standing still, quiet and patient by the tank you can coax them out and watch as they hunt round the tank in a tight shoal.  A marked contrast to their future behaviour when they seem to detest the sight of each other.  The children are very proud of their fish and are looking forward to putting them into the beck later in the spring.

I had planned to plant a few more trees later today but we will have to see how the weather develops.  It's a bit exposed up by Cam Beck with little or no shelter and I don't really fancy freezing to death in a blizzard for the sake of conservation.

I'm away most of this week so will catch up on news on Friday.


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