16 March 2007

Circumstances conspired to prevent me from doing the planned posting on Wednesday and I was out all day yesterday so here is a slightly belated update.

The fencing at Nanny Cars is rapidly reaching completion with only 50 meters remaining on the east bank and a further 50 meters on the west bank to do. This latter work is in addition to the original plan and will stop stock from the neighbouring farm from crossing the river to the protected buffer strip we have created.  I met the landowner concerned on Wednesday and he was immediately enthusiastic about the job.  Money for this can be diverted from the WTT grant and the College are looking for a further two days work so all is set to complete this final piece of the jigsaw.

It's amazing how one can work in such a remote spot yet still not get done all that was planned due to interruptions.  I only got in 25 trees instead of the projected 40 due to the need to stop and chat to farmers etc.  I now plan to go up to the site on Sunday and try to get in a further 30 trees just to keep on top of the job.

News reaches me that the trout fry in the school are thriving with only one corpse seen since the eggs hatched.  This is remarkable and testament to the care that the children have taken with this project.  I am going into the school later today to take a look so will report more on Sunday.

Yesterday was the first day of the new river season and it seemed not a bad day with just a little rain in the afternoon and water levels low but fishable.  It's a lot brighter here this morning with only a light westerly breeze, but the outlook for early next week promises a cold snap with a strong chance of snow.  Just what we don't want at  the beginning of lambing.

For all duffers out there comes good news from the south.  May flies have been spotted already on the Hampshire Test at least 2 months early. What the Hampshire trout will make of this early feast is any ones guess but it's a reflection of the extremely mild winter we have just had and an indicator that we may need to revise the patterns we traditionally use to match the monthly hatch.

Next posting is on Sunday.


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